Operation Eriflap

“Operation Eriflap”, Installation, 2013, (Dimensions variables), sketches, plastic sculptures, frames.
ArtistsLina Theodorou, Ioannis Savvidis

One day in 2011, on the Greek island of Milos, two men entered an abandoned air shelter, where they came upon some WWII coded documents of the German Kriegsmarine. They were addressed to lieutenant Erich Flapp and included instructions on how to construct civilian defense equipment for the occasion of an air raid.

The moment the two men touched the papers, a ghost suddenly appeared before them: It was Erich Flapp himself, prophesying grave catastrophes that were awaiting the world and ordering them to hurry up and take precautions. And even though they could not speak any German, they understood every word uttered by the ghost. Convinced they were on a mission, the two men took action and very methodically started to plan and construct defense equipment that would keep the people of Milos safe in case of an air raid. They used vacation and beach equipment one can easily find in any island store. Their rescue operation spread by word of mouth and finally came be known as “Operation Eriflap”.

2013, Refuge project, curators Maria Andromachi Chatzinikolaou, Nikos Podias, Milos, Greece.


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